#IWD at Rammy United Academy


This week saw social media ring out the bells for International Women’s Day, and the world of sport was one of the key drivers in promoting positive messages and role models to support the campaign. Although Ramsbottom United Academy is currently a male-only football and education programme in terms of… Read more »

Trick or Treat?


According to recent newspaper sources, broomsticks are fairly popular with our kids right now. Sadly, this isn’t because they’ve all decided to get actively involved with the housework, or even because they’re busy getting their costumes together for Halloween. Apparently, the real reason is because schools around the world are introducing… Read more »

Boys, are you happy with your college?


It’s October, which means if you’re a college student, you really should have settled in by now and be making the most out of every opportunity that comes your way. What if you’re not feeling too great about it, though? What if it was your dream to pursue your interest… Read more »

Focus on… Simone Magill


This month, Onside interviews Everton and Northern Ireland footballer and very own Sports Ambassador, Simone Magill, about why she’s spent the summer switching her focus from playing to coaching… Onside: Simone, as a football player of such a high level, why have you been keen to get on board with your… Read more »

Rammy United Academy Presents… Dizzy Penalties!

Here they are again – a few of our Ramsbottom United Academy lads, doing what they do, er, worst…   Think you can do better?  Recruiting NOW for the 2015/16 season – limited spaces available!   Oh, we should point out that you’ll have to study qualifications, get coaching/work experience with us and… Read more »

It’s not all about the ball…

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Earlier this Spring, we began to hold the first of our Open Evenings ready for 2015 recruitment to our Ramsbottom United Football and Education Academy.  The Academy is presently enjoying a second year of success since we opened our doors for the first time in August 2013. Since then, spaces have… Read more »

Role Model Relay

Rich for Blog

Throughout the year, Onside will be introducing you to our team of role models. These role models are not only successful and accomplished in what they do in the world of sport, health, exercise and fitness, but are also role models for learning; having either taught on a variety of… Read more »

Challenging our able young footballers

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The team here at Onside is largely made up of qualified and experienced teachers, tutors, coaches and mentors.  Given the scope of our business, wherever there’s education, there’s Ofsted! As education professionals with bags of experience in working with kids and young people, something we’re always keen to show Ofsted is our push… Read more »