Onside Sports Education is a registered training provider of high quality sports, health and fitness apprenticeships designed to suit the needs of employers and employees in the UK’s fastest growing sector.

With the success of the 2012 Olympics in London, the sport and fitness industry is one of the most popular and wide reaching sectors in the UK. It covers all aspects of sport and recreation from exercise instruction to professional sports development.  The sector covers opportunities that can lead to employment in gyms, leisure centres, recreation parks, stadiums, sports clubs and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activity centres.

Roughly 620,000 people work in this industry in the UK, in about 230,000 businesses and organisations throughout the country.

‘Sport’ is about more than just teams and competition; it embraces all forms of physical activity that aim to improve physical fitness and mental well-being. Sport can even help people form social relationships. Millions of people enjoy sports at leisure centres, private health clubs, recreation events and outward bound centres to name a handful of venues, and all of these need motivated, qualified, professional staff to make sure things run smoothly and safely, as well as to instruct, inspire and share in the development of their clients.

Increasingly, the government is relying on the health and industry to help fight illness and obesity. There’s a growing number of fitness club and leisure centre users, which means a growing number of employment vacancies.

In short, apprenticeships are a great way to learn, earn and ensure a future in this hugely important industry.

Employing an Apprentice:

Apprentices can give your business a competitive edge. Whether you are looking to train existing employees or employ a new Apprentice to join your workforce, our free advice and recruitment service can help find the right person for your organisation.

Ensuring staff have the skills, qualifications and knowledge they need to achieve and remain at the top of their game is crucial in the fitness industry. As a team full of fitness and sports professionals, nobody knows more than us about providing apprentices that are not only knowledgeable but approachable, confident and professional.

Our helpful and friendly team will conduct a training needs analysis and use our vacancy matching service to ensure we find the right people for your business to make it more efficient and productive. You also may have staff that you wish to gain extra training already. We can help!

All of our courses are led by experienced, fully qualified sports and fitness professionals, who are committed to helping you build and strengthen your workforce. Whether it’s nurturing fresh, young talent through our Government funded Apprenticeship schemes, or up-skilling existing staff with our Level 3 apprenticeships to help keep you on track with the latest industry trends, such as new qualifications or initiative, we have the solution for you!

As well as the financial advantages of hiring apprentices, businesses could also benefit from the following:

  • Free training and qualifications for the workforce
  • Cost effective recruitment
  • Increase in staff productivity
  • Influx of fresh, young ideas
  • More staff motivation
  • Reduction in staff turnover
  • Address of skills shortages

Give us a call on 01257 278 131 to see how we can get you started!

Apprentice Age Grant for Employers:

(16 -24 year old apprentices only)

With the economic downturn, we understand that budgets are tighter than ever.  However, businesses still need to ensure their company is in safe hands. This is why Onside Sports Education has a range of cash incentives for companies who take on Apprentices, thus ensuring the prosperity of business.

Apprenticeship Grant for Employers – £1500 (per Apprentice)

If you’re a small to medium size enterprise employing between 1 and 1000 members of staff, and looking to hire your first Apprentice, you could qualify for a £1,500 incentive.

The National Apprenticeship Service has developed the ‘Apprenticeship Grant for Employers’ (AGE), to encourage businesses to hire a 16 – 24 year old as their first Apprentice, and there are up to 10 grants available per-employer.

The ‘AGE’ incentive is available, and employers will be issued with the full amount of £1500 13 weeks after the Apprentice starts.

Please see the link below for more information on the Age Grant

Or call the team on 01257 278 131 or email to

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